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Patio paving

patio paving

Patios can be made up from a whole bunch of thing from natural Indian stone to porcelain, artificial lawns etc

Obviously all these come in at very different price points. Starting at standard concrete paving going up to the finest porcelain on the market. By far Indian sand stone is the most popular choice in the UK but that doesn’t mean porcelain isn’t great, it’s just more expensive and fragile so it’s more commonly looked over compared to sandstone.
Porcelain paving is a premium choice for paving that brings the inside, out. Porcelain paving creates a modern, contemporary look in anygarden. Due to the extremely low moisture-absorbency of the product, it is very stain-resistant and won’t develop moss or algae. Porcelain is also easy to clean, which keeps the paving looking newer for longer and with less maintenance. Porcelain tiles are grouted with an external tiling grout, similar to kitchen or bathroom tiles, so the joints have a longer lifespan than cement-based options.

Indian Stone is a very popular choice for mainly patios and sometimes driveways.

With so many colour and design options it’s easy to create a stunning driveway or patio that will stand the test of time.
Not only is it very hard wearing, natural flagstones (unlike manufactured flagstones) have a unique blend of colours and tones which make every installation bespoke. The right colour choice together with good design offers huge Kerb appeal and wow factor.
Indian stone is now available in some fantastic colours to suit almost any setting from rustic farmhouses to super modern contemporary builds. Due to the large surface area of flagstones they are best suited to flat areas like patios or driveways with minimal fall.
All specifications and processes of work are designed for footpaths and residential driveways. If you require information for a heavy commercial application please get in touch.
patio paving
patio paving

Main Advantages of Indian Flagstone

Main Disadvantages of Indian Flagstone

Annual Maintenance and Cost of Indian Flagstone

The best way to clean flagstones is to jet wash them using a flat surface cleaner, this equipment is used in order to avoid any damages to the joints.
Alongside the jet wash, chemicals can be used to remove any lichen and efflorescence. Once cleaned and dried, flagstones should be sealed with a good quality sealer. This highlights the colours in the flagstones and protects them from future staining.
Expect to pay around £5.50 – £7 per sq.m for your flagstones to be professionally cleaned and sealed.

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